Greensburg Tornado

<----  Click the video on the left to watch what happened with YFC when the EF-5 Tornado ripped through Greensburg, KS.

It all started when…

In 2001 Youth For Christ South Central Kansas began converting an old round top building into a Teen Center.  Over the next six years the 6,000 sq foot space steadily transformed into an indoor basketball court, game tables, a snack bar, a couch area, a stage and bathrooms with showers.






This refurbished building quickly became a second home to many of the youth of Kiowa County.  The Teen Center was not just a safe and fun local hang out, it was a place where teens could experience God and learn of His love for them.  Each week, forty five to sixty five junior and senior high students attended our ministry club called Campus Life.  The Teen Center was also host for community services, 5th quarters, concerts, lock ins, youth rallies and 30 Hour Famine. 

A Turning Point

Friday, May 4, 2007 began as many other spring days, cool and clear.  Day gave way to dusk and what followed was a night that few in Kiowa County will ever forget. 

At 9:47 pm an EF-5 tornado destroyed 95% of Greensburg, taking both the Teen Center and the offices, leaving little more than shattered glass and splintered wood.  YFC did not own either building.







A Long Journey

The week after the Tornado, Deborah Factor spoke at a community wide church service and declared that “… somehow, someway, we will rebuild the Teen Center.”  God has honored the faith and dedication of not just Deborah, not just the board and staff but all who have helped and sacrificed through out the clean up, the planning and the rebuilding process.

More than three years later, the community gathered on December 19, 2010, for the grand opening and dedication.  The new facility is 7,500 sq feet and houses both the Teen Center and the YFC offices.  The heavily used basket ball court, staging and couch areas have made a welcomed return with the addition of a separate game room, kitchen, outdoor patio, basement for much needed storage, and bathrooms with showers.  The building also has some incredible green features.


This is Just the Beginning...

The building is in now in full operation.  This building is used as a tool to reach out to our local youth and help bring them to the feet of Jesus.  This building also continues to be a community gathering point.  Several churches use it for family nights and special youth events and the Kiowa County School has held dances in our facility.  We continue to host community events such as blood drives and health fairs.  We look forward to seeing how God will use this building for the youth and community of South Central Kansas!