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Youth for Christ South Central Kansas was founded by Jon Sarver.  Jon, originally from California, had come to Kansas in the fall of 1991 to become the Youth Ministry Professor at Barclay College in Haviland, KS.  Jon was a marathon runner, and it was his regular routine to pray while running.  

One day, in 1994, at the Northwest corner of town, God laid it on Jon's heart to start an organization to reach out to youth.

As he continued running, he remembered the Youth for Christ ministry in Southern California.  Near the end of his route, he ran into a local gentleman.  Jon shared the vision and Ron said "Go for it!"  Jon worked hard on the details and the organization officially began on April 15, 1995 and started ministries in the Fall of 1995.


YFC-SCK is currently serving the youth of Pratt, Kiowa, and Kingman Counties. 

In 2015 YFC-SCK celebrated 20 years of Ministry! 

                  In the 2014-2015 fiscal year we:

  • Contacted over 420 students on 6 school campuses
  • Ministered to over 197 youth through 6 weekly Campus Life Clubs
  • Took 230 students on trips and events
  • Engaged over 75 kids at our Kiowa County Teen Center Ministry
  • Matched 116 students with a mentor for weekly meetings
  • Discipled 18 students through small groups
  • Lead over 87 youth to make deeper commitments to following God
  • Lead 34 youth to make first time decision for Jesus
  • Provided education and training to 55 Christian Leaders
  • Engaged 20 individuals and families with 22 kids through Circles
  • Held an event with more than 700 people and 83 decisions for Christ

YFC-SCK is a chapter affiliate of Youth for Christ/USA.