Mentor Training

Welcome! Thank you for participating in this training online! We missed you in person, but I am excited for you to take part.

Below you will find many links to the powerpoint presentation, various handouts, a survey to complete at the end and finally, the videos.

The powerpoint is for you to follow along with what was on the screen during the training. It is hard to see on the video.

Mentor Training Powerpoint

I refer to which handout we will be discussing in the training. I do not discuss them word for word, but highlight the main points. Feel free to pause the video to locate the correct handout. I realize following online is more challenging in person, but we can do it!

Handout #1, Principals of Mentoring 
100 Questions to ask Mentees
Measuring Success as a Mentor
Handout #2, Building Trust
Handout #3, Youth Behavior 


Finally, the evaluation is for you to complete and either scan and email back, type up your own answers separately and email, or hand deliver. My email address is Thank you for taking the time to learn! You are doing an incredible job, keep it up!

Mentor Training Evaluation


Mentor Training Part 1


Mentor Training Part 2


Mentor Training Part 3