Do you want to make a tremendous difference in the life of a young person?

You might be just who they need to bring them hope. Your unique past experiences, knowledge, and walk with God could be used to change a student’s life!

Each week we come in contact with hundreds of Junior High and High School students that need spiritual guidance. It is impossible for our few YFC Staff to give each of them the personal, one-on-one time they need. You can help us in this effort!

We have students just waiting to be paired with Mentors. They already desire a deep relationship with someone who will give them the personalized attention they need. Would you be willing to take a little time each week to invest in a life?

Below are links to the MATCH paperwork. There is a complete application to fill out as well as Mentor Guidelines and Ground Rules for you to read through and sign in order to become a Mentor. Also linked is our Position Description, a one-page overview of what is expected from our Mentors.


Mentor Application

Condensed Application 
(for those who have already filled out a standard YFC volunteer application)

Mentor Guidelines and Ground Rules

Measuring Success as a Mentor

You can print and mail these completed forms into our office,
or scan and email them to:

Pratt or Kiowa County:  Kelsie Nauman,

Kingman County: Jennifer Albright,