We exist with the purpose of reaching unsaved youth for Jesus.  There are youth in every community that do not know Jesus.  Our desire is to reach out to them and earn the right to be heard by them.  Once saved, we pursue avenues of getting the youth into a local church where they will be nurtured and fed.



Students won't come to us unless we are willing to go to them.  That is why we run multiple donut and candy bar ministries.  We go to the school, before or after, and pass out free donuts or candy bars.  This allows us to meet students, learn their name, and invite them to something deeper.  Deep relationships have formed because of this, even with students who haven't attended any other programs.

Campus Life

Weekly meetings include lots of games, food, loud music, and lively discussions.  Campus Life is an entry point for the unchurched,  providing a place where they can come and be introduced to Jesus.  Campus Life meetings are a safe place to learn responsibility, to think through important issues, and to develop quality relationships with peers and caring adults.  This is a place where we can deepen our relationships with the youth and introduce them to Jesus.



Special trips and events allow us to really get to know students.  Since students are away from their normal environment, they tend to lose their guard and be more open.  During trips students are invited to deepen their relationships with Jesus. We go to concerts, youth conferences, summer camp, and even a mission trip to Mexico.


Small Groups

Small groups give students an opportunity to really be themselves in front of their peers.  It provides a safe place to share hurts, joys, pain, and celebration.  Small groups are usually 4-8 people who come together to study the Bible, share with each other, and pray.  Being with a student in a small group allows them to feel important and helps them to open up.


Student Leaders

Students have incredible gifts and abilities, and Youth for Christ desires to see them strengthened.  Student Leadership empowers students by allowing them to take leadership at Campus Life, become role models for their friends, and learn how to share the Gospel.  Student Leadership equips students to know understand take responsibility for their lives, as well as giving them passion to seek and find the lost.



One-on-One's play a vital role in the ministry.  They are simply a time set a side for a leader to take a student out to learn more about them or to mentor them.  This means going for out for a pop, a burger, or even just a drive.  Inviting a student out says, "I care about you.  I want to know about your life.  How can I help you?"